Family Cloud

Family Cloud

Location sharing app

This app can access your location. We use your location exclusively for the purpose to share it with your group (family) members.

LOCATION: Because it is the core functionality of this app, it will not work if you do not allow location access. Your location will be visible only to your group (family) members and you will be informed of the member names who are in the group and who can see your location.

You may control your location tracking by disabling it in the app.

LOCATION TRACKING: If your location tracking is enabled in the app, your location will be shared EVEN IF YOU CLOSE YOUR APP. However, notification will be displayed to inform you about that, and to remind you that Family cloud is still running and tracking your location.

Group HOST is a family member who creates a group. Only host can add new members to the group and so, the host is in control of who can join the group.

Name that you enter will be used as your member-name which other members will see. Your surname will be used for welcome screen.