by Miodrag Spasic

Baby, pregnant, and mum club

Pregnancy and child tracker app

"Through the application BABY, PREGNANT AND MUM CLUB, we tried to make your pregnancy important and we try to make your pregnant days beautiful! The application allows you to keep your diary, take important details

Your pregnancy, keep track of your weight, keep a reminder, prepare the breastfeeding bag. At any time, you will know how many days left until the birthday, and when that day comes, you will be able to follow the development of your baby with the help of the application!

Also, a doctor's module is being developed that will allow you to record all your medical examinations and, if necessary, forward them to your doctor by mail.

The application contains an integrated content of the popular website: which provides a handful of useful information regarding pregnancy and baby care.

Your support and comments on the PlayStore are more than needed for further development of applications as directed to your needs!

We wish you a pleasant day with our application! "